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VPK/Kindergarten Parents: 


  • Pick up of your VPK or Kindergarten student (along with any siblings) will take place in the front of the school AFTER the buses have been dismissed (approximately 3:15pm).

  • Please line up on SW 3rd Lane next to the entrance to Jim Jeffers Park.  DO NOT block the entrance to the park. 

  • A staff member will let you know when it is ok to enter the parking lot to pick up your student. 


Grades 1-5 Parents: 


  • Please form a SINGLE line heading north on SW 29th Avenue (from Ceitus only).

  • Please do NOT attempt to merge into the waiting line by the school entrance (SW 3rd Lane).

  • You will enter the property through the black swing gate on your right.  Once through the gate, both lanes of travel may be used.

  • All parents must exit left when leaving the parking lot.


ALL Parents: 


  • Please form only a SINGLE lane on the neighborhood streets. Problems have occurred whereby two lanes have prevented traffic from leaving the neighborhood.  Both lanes of travel must be left open for emergency and courtesy reasons.

  • Driving or parking on the wrong side of the roadway is a violation of Florida law and puts people in danger.  The Cape Coral Police Department assists us with this process and periodically checks to make corrections when necessary.  Persistent violations will be ticketed.


Thank you for your cooperation!