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Christa McAuliffe produces a daily live morning news show.  The news presentation is run entirely by our 5th grade students.  Our production room contains state of the art technology and requires technology savvy students to run and operate it.  Appointed students take turns being news anchors, reporters, operating cameras and producing and editing the show.  Students are required to collect important school related information to broadcast each morning such as the lunch menu, the weather, clubs and school activities, and a historical “Did you know?” segment.  All classes are encouraged to participate in being on the morning news program. This club offers a plethora of student learning activities that cover all the core curriculum areas.  In order to participate in this club, students must be extremely responsible, reliable and motivated to work hard.  These crew positions are teacher appointed and only apply to fifth grade students.  If you have any questions please contact Ms. Bowman who is our News Crew Director.