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Dress Code

Christa McAuliffe requires all students to wear school uniforms. It is our belief that clean, appropriate dress habits are helpful to the development of good citizenship and proper behavior. Students are asked to wear clean clothes with shirts buttoned. For reasons of health and respect, no hats or scarves are to be worn during the school day. For safety purposes, no dangling earrings or lengthy necklaces are allowed.

Hair must be a natural color. Hair styles that are distracting or inappropriate for school are not permitted (i.e. mohawk, bleached hair, artificially colored hair, color streaks, etc.). Students will be permitted to wear nail polish as long as it is not a distraction. Jewelry should be limited to an appropriate necklace, single bracelet, rings or earrings. Earrings should not be hoops. Students should not be wearing make-up or artificial nails. Bandanas, glitter, tattoos, colored hair gel, and silly bandz are not acceptable.

Uniform shirts must be purchased. Prices start at $12 each and are available in navy, red or white. These polo style shirts have the school logo embroidered on the front. All uniforms must be ordered online through AppleStitch...use link below.

Your student’s uniform bottoms can be purchased at any local store. Navy or khaki shorts, skorts, pants or capris are all acceptable.

Sneakers are required for safety reasons. Students are not to wear any form of slip-on shoe since they have recess daily and PE twice a week. Absolutely no shoes with wheels or lights are allowed. Knee-high sneakers, boots, leggings and knee-high socks are not approved and cannot be worn with uniforms.

In addition, a plain colored (red, white, or navy) sweater, jacket, or sweatshirt is allowed for colder weather. CME logo sweatshirts can also be purchased through Applestitch.

Every Friday we have school Spirit Days. Each Friday, students may wear jeans if they pay the fee of $1.00. The money collected will fund special student activities throughout the year. Spirit shirts can be worn for fun (with uniform bottoms) and there is no charge.