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What Christa McAuliffe has to offer:

  • Accelerated classes for gifted and high performing students in each grade level
  • Challenging Language Arts and Math curricula as well as Social Studies and Science
  • Science lab, art, music, P.E. and media specials as well as daily recess
  • Small class sizes with a hands-on learning environment
  • Paraprofessionals on every grade level
  • Many before and after school clubs offered (including math, chess, drama, sports, gardening, reading,  and more!)
  • Beautiful campus located next to Jim Jeffer’s Park
  • Closed campus, security cameras, and a School Resource Officer
  • State of the art airnasium
  • Warm family environment
  • Quick and easy carline
  • Before and after care provided for a reasonable fee


  • Core Knowledge Curriculum
  • Common Core Standards
  • Creativity embraced in teaching and learning
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt “Journeys” basal series, Guided Reading, Spalding Phonics, Accelerated Reader and novel studies
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt “Go Math”
  • Special classes for Art, Music, PE, Media Center, Science Lab
  • Curriculum related field trips
  • Hands-On Core Knowledge Events like Christmas Around the World, Pioneer Day, Greek Festival and a Roman Battle
  • Annual Events to focus on subject areas  like Science Fair, Vocabulary Parade, Art Gallery, Wax Museum, Math  Challenge and Choir/Drama Performances 


In each classroom:

  • Student computers
  • 77” Smartboard
  • Digital Docucam


  • Four Windows mobile laptop labs
  • SMART Response wireless remotes
  • State of the art TV production studio


It is a requirement that each family spend 30 hours of parent involvement time at our school during the year. Research clearly shows that when parents value, support and engage in education, the children achieve at a higher rate. We have a multitude of opportunities to become involved in our family-oriented school.


All employees and volunteers are fully background checked.