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Christa McAuliffe Charter Elementary School is part of the City of Cape Coral Charter School System. Since its opening in 2006 it has prided itself on being kind, caring, loving, and respectful yet having high academic expectations. Teaming together with our teachers, community, and families has allowed our school to be great.
Children are the living messages that we will send through our work into a time that we will never see! Our school will accomplish this by establishing a safe and secure learning environment, giving the students opportunities to learn through a content-rich Core Knowledge curriculum and quality lessons, providing frequent monitoring of their progress and communication with you through conferences and home-school folders as to their achievements and needs, connecting with you as the parents via active P.T.O. and School Advisory Council groups and volunteer opportunities, and making school a fun place for children through creative teaching, plays, musicals, science fairs, talent shows, after school clubs & classes and other events to stimulate their creativity and interest in lifelong learning.
School Capacity: 800